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Dirty Energy Bars

Gluten-Free Friendly Natural Energy Bars – The Dirty Energy Way!

Looking for a natural energy bar that gives you the protein, carbohydrates, and energy you need to keep going? Dirty Energy offers a time released java powered energy bar to give you the boost you need now and the hours of power later. Our gluten-free recipe comes in three mesmerizing flavors: Berry, Mocha and Peanut Butter Crunch! This well-balanced bar contains ingredients perfect for people on the go who want a boost of energy that offers numerous health benefits to help you complete your goals. You need the stamina and nutrients to stay on top and Dirty Energy was created to get you there, so reach higher, dig deeper, and push harder with Dirty Energy!

The Science Behind Dirty Energy

Our specially formulated energy bars give you the necessary power and endurance to tackle even the toughest physical activity. Each one of our energy bars contain the equivalent of one premium cup of coffee the moment you first consume the bar and an additional cup of premium coffee for the next four to six hour period. Our exceptional ingredients include almonds, green coffee beans and quinoa super food. All of our bars are both gluten-free and whey-free, as well as, fortified with B12 which helps maintain skin, hair, nail and brain health.

Let’s Get Dirty!

At Dirty Energy, we believe nutrition and health are the foundation to a happy life. We collaborate with hunger-relief organizations to give everyone that chance by contributing a percentage of all profits to the hungry. Join the Dirty Family and shop today!

Our Products

Dirty Energy Bars are the first, java powered time-released natural caffeine energy that offers a complete meal from the ground up. Each bar is crafted with natural ingredients from planet earth. Choose a flavor thats right for you!

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