Dirty Energy Bars

An all-natural formula for sustained, time-released energy... without the crash!*

Time-Released Caffeine Energy...Without the Crash!*

Are you finding your-self dragging or losing focus in the middle of your workout? Do you feel depleted when your body needs more energy?

Discover hours of all-natural caffeine energy that millions are looking for each day with DIRTY ENERGY bars.* Infused with real coffee, each great tasting DIRTY ENERGY bar contains our one-of-a-kind, all -natural formula, giving you the equivalent energy of a cup of premium coffee up front and additional cup of premium coffee over the next four to six hour period.*

It’s sustained, home-grown caffeine energy from real coffee beans!*

Coffee + Coffee Beans

DIRTY ENERGY bars use both green coffee beans and all-natural coffee to not only maximize the benefits from natural caffeine but also to deliver a delicious taste that coffee lovers are sure to enjoy.*

Time-Released Formula

Using a small but exact formulation, DIRTY ENERGY bars extend the release of caffeine to allow for a more sustained boost of energy.*

Premium Natural Ingredients

Green Coffee Beans, Quinoa, Peanuts, Almonds and Natural Chocolate, Each chosen for their amazing health and energy benefits as well as their flavor profiles to make a tasty snack without additives.*

Dirty Energy

All of these together make up the delicious, one-of-a-kind recipe for a revolutionary way to kick-start your body’s energy, keeping you alert and focused for hours.*

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