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Benefits Of Dirty Energy Bar

  • Energy Bars Should Give You ENERGY!

    Active people need active energy. And Dirty Energy satisfies that demand like no other bar on earth. Why? Here's the deal: Whether you're slogging through mud or just slogging through afternoon spreadsheets, our all-natural formula gives you the protein, carbs, and vitamins your busy body craves. But the kicker is Dirty Energy's clever caffeine delivery mechanism. The second you start munching on one of our delicious bars, you will feel the equivalent of a cup of premium coffee energizing your mind and body. Our time-release technology gives you the caffeine equivalent of another cup of premium coffee over the next few hours, making sure your get-up-'n'-go doesn't, well, get-up-'n'-go… It's better than a caffeine shot and it's better than a meal-replacement bar. It's both -- it's Dirty Energy.

  • The Science of Kicking Ass. (Gluten-Free.)

    Many active folks have a half-empty box of "sports food" on top of the fridge, uneaten, unloved. But Dirty Energy fans keep chomping because our product -- wait for it -- actually WORKS and TASTES GREAT. With superfoods like almonds and quinoa, vitamin B12, antioxidants and more, Dirty Energy bars are your Body Battery. When our PERFECT balance of CRUCIAL nutrients teams up with green coffee beans, it's a kick in the metabolism. Plus, all Dirty Energy products are 100% gluten-free and whey-free so they'll fill you up without weighing you down.

  • Who Wants to Get Dirty?

    Dirty Energy was created by athletes for athletes so sweat is pretty much what we stand for. But every Weekend Warrior has to go back to work on Monday and Dirty Energy can help you make that tough transition (after a shower, of course). You might be a CEO or an unpaid intern, a med student or a brain surgeon, a crusty mud runner or one of those weird race walkers. No matter your day job -- or punishment of choice -- our bars will help you keep up the pace with hours of power. It's Natural Energy for Supernatural Performance.


I am a construction worker. I tried the Dirty Energy Bar a month ago and like it very much. I eat one for dessert at my lunch and it gives me energy to go strong all afternoon without getting jittery. This is very important because I work with saws and other power tools.

I recommend Dirty Energy to everyone I know and work with.